Travel to and from School

Fairway has achieved Travel Mark Level One Award for its school travel plan. One of the main aims of this plan is to encourage children to walk to school whenever this is possible.

Walking to school makes sense from a number of points of view; it helps to make the children fitter; it reduces traffic; it reduces fuel consumption; and it helps the children to feel part of our community.

More and more cars…….

As traffic volume continues to increase, there is ever greater concern for the safety of everyone, especially our children, on the roads in Copthorne.

Both Fairway Infant School and Copthorne Junior School are very aware of this and take positive steps to teach the children to be safe. However both schools are also aware of the high volume of traffic created by parents transporting their children to and from school.

School Safety Zones have been established around both village schools with a 20mph speed limit in force at the beginning and end of the school day. The zones are clearly marked with flashing lights and road markings and we ask all parents to adhere to the speed limits.

A voluntary one-way system

There are still quite a few parents who have to use a car to take their children to and from school for a number of reasons,. This can cause great congestion, especially in Church Road and Fairway. In order to reduce this, both schools encourage parents to use a voluntary one-way system. For Fairway this is for all traffic to travel up from Church Lane past the school towards Bramble Close.

This is a voluntary system. Neither school can accept liability for anything that may occur off school premises.