Drinks and Snacks

School Milk

If your child is under 5 years of age they are entitled to milk free of charge, if your child is aged over 5 years you can still apply for milk at a subsidised price.
You can register on the website using this link opposite or click on the logo


Water Policy

All children are given the opportunity, and reminded during the day, to have regular drinks of water.


As part of the West Sussex Fruit/Vegetable Scheme, every child in the school receives a piece of fruit or vegetables each day. There is therefore no need to send in a snack for play break.

Friday Cakes

Every Friday we have Cake Day. The classes take it in turns to bring in 8 small cakes or large biscuits for all the children to enjoy at playtime. Everyone else brings 20p to school on a Friday, and the proceeds go to the class providing the cakes that week. The class use this money for special extras e.g. puzzles or games for wet play. The children are responsible for collecting the money when it is their turn, for keeping accounts and for deciding how the class is to spend the money.

Each class has its own system for administering the Cake scheme, but one of the objectives is to give the children some responsibility for organising this themselves. We hope you will forgive them if they keep reminding you about their 20p.

Examples of the use of cake money:

  • Wet play games and puzzles
  • Special equipment for role play areas
  • Outdoor play equipment
  • Playground equipment
  • Small World toys
  • Christmas decorations
  • Advent calendars
  • Photograph frames for Mother’s Day gifts